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About Original Images

Est. 2007 – Original Images evolved from many years of passion for photography as an art form. Original Images allows the manipulation of photographs, giving way for both imagination and creativity to flourish. The subtle changes breathe life into the images presenting them from a new and sometimes unique perspective.

Original Images captures a moment in time and preserves it for a lifetime. Evolving and ever changing, Original Images is a lifetime project that will continue to grow. The direction will be guided by the opportunities that avail themselves from journeys both local and around the globe, to be photographed and presented in a manner appealing to the eye and tastes of many.

About The Photographer

Scott W. Howard was born and raised in Northern Ontario. His passion for photography began at a very early age. Scott’s hometown of Sudbury offered up a plentitude of photographic material, from the natural beauty of the lakes and abundance of wildlife surrounding the northern communities, to the harshness of the nickel mines and the moon-like surfaces of the rocky terrain. He has spent a lifetime honing his skill and furthering his passion. A graduate of the “New York Institute of Photography”, Scott is constantly propelled by his love of nature and the beauty that surrounds him as he travels the world. This site is a compilation of that love and his desire to share his passion with the world. Specializing in scenic landscapes, still life, botanicals, transportation, architecture, nature and wildlife, “Original Images” has been featured in numerous galleries and continues to earn the rave reviews of both it’s visitors and clients from around the world.

In 2007, Scott co-founded “Original Images.ca”, a photographic website that evolved from his many years of passion for photography as an art form. Scott’s desire for perfection has allowed his works to receive rave reviews from critics and visitors alike. His works have been displayed at Brampton’s Rose Theatre, the Neilson Park Creative Centre in Mississauga and the “Gallery in the Garden” at Sherway Mall in Mississauga. In 2008, Scott and his work’s were also featured on the Roger’s Cable Network.

In addition to Scott’s role in Original Images, Scott is a also a member of CAPA (The Canadian Association for Photographic Art). He is a Partner/ Photographer at 2G Photography. (www.2gphotography.ca), a Photography Instructor at The Art Workshop in Brampton, Ontario and held the position of Editor In Chief for PhotoZOOM Magazine.

About 2G Photography

2G Photography is a new venture, providing superb quality product photography, consistent with our client’s unique aesthetic, business objectives, timeline and budget. We work closely with you, in order to market your product or service with maximum impact. When you’ve got fantastic products on your website, in your catalogue, or in your customers advertisements, it’s important the images do them justice and will be enticing to your customers. Giving your products a professional image will create a positive impression of your company overall and help to create trust in the entire line. We provide photography to create an impact. Maybe you’re thinking that you could save yourself some money by taking the photographs yourself, well you could, but….”Our images will help sell your products and showcase your business in a whole new light!” (www.2gphotography.ca)

About The Art Workshop

Teaching participants about the art of photography, and providing them with tips and insights which will improve their photographic skills and technique. Working on a freelance basis through The Art Workshop, where students are offered a creative and affordable outlet to learn, have fun and meet like-minded people! Classes are offered in a one-time workshop format. Our classes are intensive, informative and most importantly FUN! Focus on continually exploring new subject matters and environments for photography and it’s enjoyment.

About PhotoZOOM Magazine

Photo Zoom Magazine is a “FREE” Online Photography Magazine.
Photo Zoom is a magazine dedicated to the art of photography. Every issue goes over the ins & outs, the tricks & tips and everything else that has to do with photography”.
This magazine was designed to entertain and inform both amateur and professional photographers. It provided industry news, reviews, trends, articles, interviews, tutorials, galleries, competitions, advice and much, much more!
PhotoZoom Magazine was attentive to the reader’s thoughts, viewpoints, reviews, suggestions, and, most importantly, featuring their photos.
PhotoZoom has been viewed and reviewed by local photo clubs, Universities and Colleges offering photography courses, various online social media sites, and online directories pertaining to photography related companies.
Whether you are an amateur using a simple point and shoot camera or a professional who relies on photography as his main source of income, as long as you love this inspirational art form, you will enjoy PhotoZoom magazine. (www.photozoommag.com)

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