My Favourite Links

There are so many great places to learn about “the art of photography” on the web today. Selfishly, I hope you are following, and learning from me! But, that is selfish, so I have put together a list of my favourite links (including a few of my own!) I hope you learn and enjoy!

Pinterest (this will take you to the Original Images boards…lots to learn and new pins on a regular basis.)

ViewBug (a great site for viewing images from around the globe…this link takes you to my personal postings)

Red Bubble (another great site for viewing images from photographers around the globe…but of course, this link takes you directly to my personal postings!)

Facebook (everybody knows about Facebook…this link takes you to my personal posts. I will be the first to admit, it’s not all photography and it’s not necessarily all G-rated, but there is a lot there! I do hope you have a sense of humour!)

Twitter (while I try to be consistent in my tweets, like everyone, I have lapses too. Hope you will check it out!)

LinkedIn (I know…right now you’re saying “this guy is everywhere”! You may be right…but how else can you stay visible?)

Cassondra Reagan Photography (a really great photographer……)

Finally…here are a few of my favourite links…

Karl Taylor Photography     Canon Canada     Henry’s     Vistek     Photo Zoom Magazine

Popular Photography     Digital Camera World     Send Out Cards